Want to see the spring blossoms in Japan, Taiwan or Korea? Here are the dates.

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TL;DR – Para para sakura.


Have a thing for pretty flowers? Or just want a reason to caption your Instagram photos with 🌸?

Well, it’s not too late to book your trip to Japan or Korea in the next two months to catch the spring blossoms.


Here are the dates based on the latest cherry blossom forecast for 2018 released on 22 Feb by the Japan Meteorological Corporation.


As most flowers usually take a week to reach full bloom once flowering has begun and that full bloom lasts around a week, the best times to observe sakura are expected to be around March 26 in TokyoApril 1 in Hiroshima and Osaka and April 2 in Kyoto.


If you are more into K-pop and Korean food, then you can also do some Seoul searching with the spring flowers in Korea.

According to Kweather, forsythia will bloom in Jeju-do around March 12 and spread north to Busan and Jeonju region March 14-22, and finally reach Seoul and other central regions around March 25- April 1. Another popular spring flower, azaleas, are expected to brighten Jeju-do and Busan near March 15 and spread throughout the nation.

To catch the flowers in their most beautiful state, it is recommend that you visit Jeju after 19 March, around 21 March – 2 April in the southern regions and 1 – 9 April in the central regions/


Besides Japan, Taiwan has cherry blossoms too.

According to the Central News Agency, the 2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival kicked off on February 22 and the Yae-Zakura cherry (八重櫻, double cherry) trees around the Flower Clock Plaza are in full bloom. The Showa cherry (昭和櫻) and Yoshino cherry (吉野櫻) trees are set to bloom soon so you better book your flights soon if you want to see the flowers around this picturesque mountain in Taipei.


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