9 reasons to visit Taiwan this year!

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TL;DR – From shopping, to exploring aboriginal heritage and discovering of local food.

If you have been to Taiwan, you might think the island is all about night markets (can’t deny that we love ’em street food tho) and the magnificent Taipei 101. But there is actually so much more beyond Taipei as we recently discovered on a 7D6N ALL TAIWAN TOUR with Chan Brothers Travel.

So here’s why Taiwan should be in your travel bucket list for 2018.

1) Taiwan High Speed Rail

The Taiwan High Speed Rail 台灣高鐵 is a high-speed rail line that runs approximately 349.5 km, along the west coast of Taiwan, from the national capital Taipei to the southern city of Kaohsiung. Based primarily on Japan’s Shinkansen technology, the trains run at a top speed of 300 km/h.

2) Ten Drum Culture Village

The Ten Drum Culture Village in Tainan is set in the most unique location. It is an old sugar factory complex that has been restored and transformed into a unique art exhibition hall and performance venue for a local drum group that tours internationally. You can also try your hand at traditional drumming and enjoy yummy eggs cooked in sugar cane juice.

3) Pick fresh fruits

From pineapple plantations to strawberry farms, you can experience picking the freshest fruits and enjoying them on the spot.

4) Take a scenic cable car ride over Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan’s largest lake, Sun Moon Lake is located in the mountains of Nantou at the geographic centre of Taiwan island. The east side of the lake is round, like the sun, while the west side is long and narrow, like a crescent moon and the best way to admire it is from the top, with a magnificent cable car ride overlooking the forested peaks and lake.

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4) Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

The Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, is a Mahayana Buddhist cultural, religious and educational museum located in Kaohsiung. For a start, the place is HUGE! The Monastery offers the opportunity to experience the many aspects of Buddhist life, and there are multiple nooks and crannies to explore, including some of their temples and the main shrine.

5) Jiufen

This is the mountainous town that inspired the town and bathhouse in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away but the absolute highlight here has got to be the food! It’s best to come here on an empty stomach so you can fill it with all the sweet potato balls, peanut ice cream, curry fish balls and sausages after which you can then simmer some tea at the A Mei Tea house that is said to have over a hundred years old and located at the highest point of the mountain.

6) Hot springs, hot springs and more hot springs

Taiwan has more than 130 hot springs dotted around the island and there is nothing more therapeutic than soaking in these thermal waters after a long day of exploring. Especially if it offers a scenic view under the stars.

7) Theme parks

Did you know that there are more than 10 amusement parks in Taiwan? They each focus on different thematic activities such as folk culture, architecture or recreation and I personally recommend the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village which beyond the exciting rollercoaster rides, also provides an interesting way for you to learn about Taiwanese aboriginal heritage. It is best to visit in spring when you can see the cherry blossoms at full bloom!

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8) The food

From street food to the best sushi at Sasa Sushi, you can embark on a culinary adventure as you hop from the night markets to fine dining Michelin-starred restaurants. Don’t forget to make time for Din Tai Fung!

9) Ximending

From street fashion to themed restaurants to eclectic bars and pubs, this pedestrian shopping district touted as the “Harajuku of Taiwan” is a must-visit!

Chan Brothers Travel offers more than 10 different group tour packages to Taiwan so there is definitely something for everybody. You can eat to your heart’s content with the 6D YUMMY YUMMY TAIWAN tour, marvel at dramatic mountains and sprawling lakes with the 7D WEST TAIWAN TOUR or if you want the best of everything, just go for the 7D6N ALL TAIWAN TOUR like us! 

You can find out more about the different Chan Brothers Taiwan tour packages, travel tips and special airfare promos at www.chanbrotherstaiwan.com



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