As it turns out, Circles.Life was indeed behind the cash vending machine gimmick

By March 2, 2018Current

TL;DR – Surprise, surprise.

Remember how we first said that the cash vending machine spotted along Orchard Road and later Raffles Place was a marketing campaign for a telco?

And guess what, we were right.

The publicity stunt drew large crowds during the two-day event but it was cut short after police turned up as the organiser behind this #3DollarBaller campaign did not have a permit.

On Thursday (March 1), an announcement was made on the #3DollarBaller’s Instagram page,

Circles.Life also revealed via its social media platforms that they were the mastermind behind this.

The marketing stunt was launched to promote the virtual telco’s unlimited mobile data daily add-on for $3 service, where with a basic plan of $28 a month that comes with 6GB of mobile data, users can subscribe to the $3-a-day add-on on days they need unlimited mobile data.


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