Woman disappears with friend’s 2-week-old baby

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TL;DR – She ran away with the baby when they were using the toilet.

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This happened in Cebu, Philippines where a 31-year-old mother, Irene Capuno, lost her 11-day-old baby to a friend while she used the restroom at church.


According to local newspapers, the mother said that a certain Chera Jane Quizon offered to hold the baby for her while she was in the toilet, and when she came out, both Quizon and her baby were gone.

Apparently, it seems that Quizon had befriended Capuno last year when she was pregnant.

“I was seven months pregnant then. She noticed my bulging tummy and asked right then and there if she could have my baby. I refused but she continued to befriend me,” Capuno said.

Quizon reportedly started to confide to Capuno and claimed that she was also pregnant.

Capuno then gave birth to a baby girl on February 10 and on February 21, Quizon allegedly went to Capuno’s house and persuaded the latter to go with her to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown Cebu City to give thanks. When they arrived at the church, Quizon told Capuno that she needed to use the restroom and you know how the rest of the story unfolds.

Police are investigating the matter and investigators obtained a copy of the church’s CCTV camera showing Quizon holding the baby and going out of the church.

We really hope she gets back her baby soon 🙁


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