This Facebook post reminds us that true love exists

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TL;DR – And that cancer is a bitch.

This starts like your typical love story, or lyrics to a Taylor Swift song.

Boy meets girl.

Boy has many tattoos and red dyed long hair. Or what people would term a cowboy.

Girl has a previous marriage that didn’t work out but she has managed to put behind her.

Couple gets together. Guy is a great stepfather to her first son. In her words,

When Mat wanted chicken wings, Brian bought a plate of 10 wings and placed them in front of him. How can he even finished them? Hahah!

Little Mat even told his grandmother who is typically traditional, “Who says tattoo men r bad- Uncle Brian is a good guy Ah-Ma.”

The family happily expanded to include a daughter, Meagan and another boy, Mikel.

 Then cancer came knocking on their door. 

I can’t say enough how much I hate this disease but yeah, I guess this family can’t too.

When everyone was happily celebrating Christmas 2017, Brian was diagnosed with a rare cancer and went for surgery to remove one kidney. You would think that after a major surgery, he would spend time recuperating. But unfortunately, as Chinese New Year was drawing near, they needed more money for their “strained” finances and he continued working for the family. He even suggested making CNY snacks to sell for extra income. The family also did their Chinese New Year visiting as usual and didn’t tell their relatives what he was going through.

What’s then, the point to Ju-ann’s post and this article?

It’s not to blame anything or point fingers at anyone and in fact, she asks the inevitable, Is there fear? Is there resentment? Is there anger? 

But at the end of the day, her post serves to remind us that true love exists and that we shouldn’t be taking the people around us for granted.

Kiss more, love more and pray more.

You can read the full post here,

Brian, we hope you get well soon!


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