Ex-Mediacorp actress Shona Woo fights battle with anorexia

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TL;DR – Her strong anorexia comeback.

You might find Shona Woo familiar.

The Miss Singapore Universe 2016 contestant and ex-Mediacorp actress first came into the limelight in 2013 when the then-23-year-old Nanyang Technological University student got into the finals of Hey Gorgeous 2013

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She is also a model and was crowned the first CLEO It Girl in 2016.

On 16 March 2018, Shona penned a post on Facebook about how anorexia almost took her life in Dec 2017.

In the long and honest account, she shared about her obsession with the eating disorder and how her body suffered. She would get panic attacks and was “morbidly afraid of the cold” and would wear thick jackets in Singapore’s weather. She also says she could not sit on the floor without a cushion, nor could she sit against a chair cause her spine and bones would hurt. Her period has also stopped for almost two years.

Anorexia also affected her emotionally. It made her see her body “as a failure” because she would inevitably blame her body and size for setbacks.

Photo via Shona’s Facebook

At her thinnest, she weighed less than 40kg (for a 1.69m tall girl) and she explains that the photo above was not even at her lowest.

I hardly took photos towards my lowest cos I was just feeling so miserable and ugly all the time.

She also shared how she couldn’t get roles but despite being turned down or being told to recast because of how skinny she looked, she couldn’t stop the toxic thoughts.

Thankfully, she is now on the road to recovery.

She had to learn how to eat properly all over again and 2 months into her recovery journey, she has since gained about 20kg.

Recovery isn’t exactly the easiest – she is currently experiencing edema (which is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in certain tissues within the body) and bloating and for the first few weeks, she battled hypermetabolism which came with night sweats, pimples and heart palpitations as hormones readjust and regulate.

Bloated n puffy all over. But no longer starving 🐷

But most importantly, she knows that these discomfort is just temporary and she wants to achieve full recovery so she can do the things she has ahead of her with a healthy body and mind.

In her wise words,

I’ve never loved my body, my size for what it is as much as I do today. I’ll give my body whatever it wants, whatever it takes, however Long it needs to be fully recovered. Cos I know that the endpoint of recovery is a whole new life (the endpoint of AN Is just death).

You can read Shona’s full post here:


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