Uber launches carpooling service Uber Commute

By March 17, 2018Current

TL;DR – Sounds like GrabHitch.

Uber recently launched its new carpooling service, Uber Commute, that is said to be “designed to reduce the cost of transportation for commuters in Singapore”.

It provides an opportunity for those driving to and from work to cover the cost of their daily commute, and for riders to get an affordable ride to and from work. Especially since all Uber Commute rides are available at a 30% discount until 30 March.

How to get a Commute ride:


1) Tap the menu icon in your Uber app and select ‘Commute’

2) Input your “Home” and “Work” address

3) Select your preferred timing and date of pick-up up to 5 days in advance. Do remember to set your schedule for ‘Home to Work’ and ‘Work to Home’ separately.

4) Request, and when a match is made, you’ll be notified

All commute rides will be available at a 30% discount until 30 March. Please note that the fare displayed will not include the discount but it will be reflected on your receipt.

How is Uber Commute different from uberPOOL, uberX and UberFLASH?

Essentially, Uber Commute drivers are carpooling with you on their way to and from work or travelling in the same direction (you can sign up here to be a driver if you are interested) whereas uberPOOL, uberX and UberFLASH are on-demand services and driven by private-hire/taxi driver-partners.

As such, because your Uber Commute drivers are not professional drivers or chauffeurs, you are encouraged to sit in the front seat in the guidelines recommended by Uber and “have a conversation” with your driver.

(Definitely not for the antisocial and introverted.)

If you ask me, this sounds exactly like GrabHitch and with Uber supposedly selling its Southeast Asia business to Grab, I wonder how long this will last, and how things will work out eventually.


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