So Zaobao had a front page scoop on Ng Chee Meng moving to NTUC?

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TL;DR – PM will reshuffle the Cabinet after Parliament prorogues.

Any Zaobao readers around? Or anyone who is following ex-ST editor Bertha Henson would probably have also heard about the scoop that Zaobao published. A comment left on Bertha’s Facebook post also mentioned that the news is on page one of the print edition today.


Let’s do a quick translation of the Zaobao article.

Reliable Sources: Ng Chee Meng will Assume Role of NTUC’s Deputy Secretary-General

Reliable sources revealed that Ng Chee Meng, Education Minister for Schools and Second Minister for Transport, will be taking on the position of Deputy Secretary-General at the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is expected to make the official announcement during the next round of cabinet reshuffle.

News about Ng Chee Meng joining the labour movement has surfaced since a few months ago, but it was never confirmed. Lianhe Zaobao received trustworthy news that the members of NTUC’s Central Committee have received word about this in recent days, in the hope that they will support Ng Chee Meng’s appointment come May 2018.

With Ng Chee Meng joining the labour movement, he will be well-positioned to be one of the popular choices to become the successor of the Secretary-General spot and it also implies that the current labour chief, Chan Chun Sing, will move to another ministry. NTUC’s Secretaries-General are traditionally Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and this also means that there will possibly be changes to the Ministry of Education (MOE) where Ng currently helms. MOE might see a new minister, or it might go back to the previous arrangement of having just one minister. (There are currently two Ministers for Education; Ng Chee Meng takes care of Schools whilst Ong Ye Kung looks after Higher Learning and Skills.)

PM Lee had announced earlier that he will reshuffle the Cabinet after Parliament prorogues.

Parliament will prorogue for a mid-term break which is expected to begin after the Parliament session today, before reopening in May. President Halimah Yacob is due to give her inaugural address laying out the Government’s agenda for the remaining term at the opening of the new parliamentary session in May.

According to the NTUC’s constitution, the Central Committee can, at the suggestion of the Secretary-General, appoint (up to) eight Deputy Secretararies-General and Assistant Secretaries-General. But there cannot be more than three Deputy Secretaries-General at any one time. Upon NTUC’s Central Committee’s agreement to include Ng Chee Meng into the labour movement’s highest decision-making body, there will be two Deputy Secretaries-General (DGS) including the current Heng Chee How, who is Senior Minister of State in the PMO.

(The above has been translated from this Zaobao article.)



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