The perfect couple phone cases for you and bae

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Customised Initials Couple Phone Case

TL;DR – Subtle or blatant. You decide.

If you are into matching couple items but don’t want to wear those gaudy tees all the time, then there’s no better way  ‘I want to stay connected with you’ than with these phone cases. 

1. Customised Initials
Customised Initials Couple Phone Case

If you love customised items, you can get your initials on your phone such that it is similar but not totally matchy-matchy. Or better yet, you can put each other’s initials on your phones.

Get it here at $46.51

2. CLIC Marble by Native Union
CLIC Marble by Native Union Couple Phone Case

Dubbed as the first phone case with real marble, these cases are understated pieces of luxury. The naturally forming veins on the laminated marble are all unique, so no pieces are the same. Just the perfect cases for the monochrome loving couple.

Get it here at $109.25

3. Hubby and Wifey Phone Case
Hubby and Wifey Couple Phone Case

What better way to scream just married than with these phone cases? These cases also make great gifts for your newlywed friends.

Get it here at $29

4. Right, and RIGHT
Mr RIght and Mrs Always Right Couple Phone Case

Come on, we know this applies to every couple out there – married or not.

Get it here at $27

5. Minimalist Cheap
Minimalist Couple Phone CaseMinimalism is always on-trend and if you want a case that is neutral yet similar to your partner’s, you should opt for plain colours.

Get it here at $5.34

6. Nubox Power Support Leather Flip Case
Nubox Power Support Leather Flip Case Couple Phone Case

If you are the kind to drop your phone ever so often, these sleek flip cases will prevent your phone from bumps and scratches. You can also use it to keep name cards and a photo of you and bae.

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Get it here at $89


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