Celebrity chef Bjorn Shen explains why you shouldn’t anyhow cancel your reservations

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TL;DR – Restaurateurs gotta eat too.

It’s no open secret by now that being in the F&B business in Singapore is no easy feat.

Especially with exorbitant rental, lack of manpower and now, irresponsible customers too.

Bjorn Shen is a celebrity chef and owner of Artichoke, a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant at Middle Road.

He recently posted this truthful (and rather angry, I must add. Though you can definitely see why) post on Facebook, sharing his disappointment with customers who make last minute cancellations.

In case you can’t see the embedded post above, here’s what it says,

6.45pm at a 100-seater restaurant. Based on reservations, we were supposed to be full by now. But this is how it currently looks. 32 last minute cancellations. 1/3 of our night’s revenue gone. And not much likelihood to fill these seats with walk-ins after having told people over the past week that we’re fully booked.

It’s not just today. It’s every week that this happens. All these wasted seats, all the wasted food, and all the over-rostered staff. All this wasted effort and money.

Starting next month, we’re taking deposits for all group bookings over 10 pax. If that pisses you off, too bad. We gotta eat. The 2 groups (12 and 20 pax) that cancelled last minute tonight just caused us a financial loss. And I don’t think they’d even care if they knew.

A reservation is a 2-way promise. We hold your seats for you, turning away others when we are full; and you make it a point to come as you’ve promised. Especially if you’ve made a large group booking. How hard is that to comprehend? We’ve been holding up our end of the deal for 8 years. And if you still can’t honour your end of it, then don’t mind if we have to take deposits or pre-payments to prevent you from playing us time and again

So maybe you should think twice before you do a no-show or last minute cancellation next time. Not just at Artichoke, but at every other restaurant too.



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