Price of durians at new low; Mao Shan Wang now $10-$20 per kg

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TL;DR – How low can you go?

Recently, it was reported that durian prices have fallen by up to 40% due to an unexpected bumper crop because of the conducive hot weather in Malaysia.

Popular durian varieties, such as the Mao Shan Wang, are now going for $10 to $20 per kg, down from $20 to $28 last month.

But how low is low?

This Facebook post by Singapore Food Whisperers lists almost all the prominent durian sellers in Singapore, and their respective prices.

In case you can’t see the embedded post, here you go:

1. Sin Durian
Address: 113 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-15|
Contact number: 8247 8111
Small Phoenix /D101/D13:
$5 per durian
Black Gold:
Black Pearl:
Mao Shan Wang: $14/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $14/kg
D13: $12/kg
Johor Red Prawn: $15/kg
Free delivery for minimum $100 order

2. Durian 36
Address: 608, Geylang Road Lorong 36 | Contact number: 8420 4727
Old Tree Signature Red Prawn D13 –
Mao Shan Wang -$18/kg
Red Prawn D13 – 1 for $10
$5.99 delivery fee – flat rate with no minimum purchase

3. The Durian Tree
Address: 277 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 | Contact number: 9812 4148
D13: $7/kg
Mao Shan Wang: $13/kg
Wang Zhong Wang: $15/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $12/kg
Black Pearl:
S17: $9/kg
Super 10: $7/kg
D1: $7/kg
Red Prawn: $9/kg
Black Gold:
Kampong: $7/kg
D88: $11/kg
D18: $8/kg
Ice Cream: $8/kg
Tung Lai: $8/kg
D101: $8/kg
Zhu Jiao (or Green Bamboo): $11/kg

4. Durian Kaki
Address: 935, Yishun Central 1, #01-43 |
Contact number: 8405 8509
Black Pearl:
Mao Shan Wang: $14/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $13/kg
D13: $8/kg
XO: $12/kg
Free delivery on minimum 8 kg order

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5. Durian Studio Sg
Address: 84, Bedok North Street 4, #01-47 | Contact number: 9123 0780
Royal Old Tree Mao Shan Wang: $18/kg
Premium Mao Shan Wang:
Mao Shan Wang: $10/kg
Red Prawn:
Free delivery on minimum 5 kg order

6. Melvin’s Durian
Address: 1 Upper Aljunied Lane (in front of Prime Supermarket) | Contact number: 8869 0781
Wang Zhong Wang: $15/kg
Mao Shan Wang: $13/kg
Baby Mao Shan Wang:
$8 per piece (~1.1 to 1.5kg)
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $13/kg
XO: $11/kg
Black Pearl:
Xiao Hong: $9/kg
D13: $7/kg
Free delivery for orders above $80

7. Combat Durian Balestier
Address: 249 Balestier Road | Contact number: 9278 9928.
Mao Shan Wang: $16/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $15/kg
Red Prawn $10/kg

8. Durian Mpire by 717 Trading
Address: 22 Yio Chu Kang Road, Highland Center, #01-01 |
Contact number: 8189 3103
Old Tree Mao Shan Wang Durian: $18/kg
New Tree Mao Shan Wang Durian: $15/kg
Old Tree Golden Phoenix: $18/kg
Golden Phoenix Durian: $15/kg
Small Seed:
Red Meat: $8/kg

9. King Fruits Durian Singapore
Address: 11 Balestier Rd & 22 Havelock Rd & 150A Bishan St 11 | Contact number: 8186 8358
Mao Shan Wang: $10/piece
Premium Mao Shan Wang:
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng):
$10 to $20/piece
Wang Zhong Wang: $20/piece
D13/D88: $2 to $10/piece
Other varieties available including Black Thorn, Sudan, Small Seed, Xiao Feng, Gang Hai, Butter, Red Prawn, Hulu Wang

10. Luv Durian
Address: 306 Ubi Ave 1 #01-199 | Contact number: 8285 8111
Mao Shan Wang: $13/kg
Wang Zhong Wang: $15/kg
D13: $5 per piece, $10 for 3

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11. Durian Plantation
Address: 506 MacPherson Road | Contact number: 9321 0063
Mao Shan Wang: $15/kg
D101: $12/kg
D13: $12/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng) $17/kg
Old Tree Mao Shan Wang: $18/kg
Free delivery on minimum order $180

12. Spike Empire Durian
Address: 108 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1281 | Contact number: 9398 4090
Baby Mao Shan Wang: $10/kg
Large Mao Shan Wang: $15/kg

13. Mr Durian
Address: 140 Rangoon Road #01-00| Contact number: 8284 3222
Mao Shan Wang: $16/kg
Other variety of durians available

14. 227 Katong Durian
Address: 229 East Coast Road | Contact number: 9751 4828
Mao Shan Wang: $16/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $15/kg
XO: $12/kg
D1/D13: $8/kg
Red Prawn: $8/kg

15. Leong Tee Durian
Address: 264 Tanjong Katong Road | Contact number: 6346 6683
Mao Shan Wang: $16/kg
Black Pearl: $10/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $12/kg
XO: $10/kg
$10 for delivery

16. TOP Durian Station
Address: 963 Jurong West Street 93 #01-316 | Contact number: 8427 8988
Mao Shan Wang: $12/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $12/kg
S17: $11/kg
Old Tree AA13: $11/kg
D101: $10/kg
Gang Hai: $10/kg
Kampong: $8/kg
XO: $12/kg

17. The Durian Prince
Address: 117 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-142 | Contact number: 8750 1983
Wang Zhong Wang: $13/kg
Black Gold: $13/kg
Mao Shan Wang AA: $11/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $11/kg
Black Pearl: $7/kg
D13/XO/Gang Hai: $6/kg

18. The Durian Story
Address: 151 Serangoon North Avenue 2 #1-11 | Contact number: 8797 6699
Black Gold: $20/kg
Old Tree Mao Shan Wang: $17/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $13/kg
XO: $10/kg
Black Pearl: $10/kg
D17: $10/kg
Premium Mao Shan Wang: $15/kg

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19. 211 House of Durian Pte Ltd
Address: 211 Lor 8 Toa Payoh # 01-21 | Contact number: 9108 3710
Mao Shan Wang: $14/kg
Black Gold: $19/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $15/kg
Lao Tai Po: $13/kg
Thunder: $8/kg
Red Prawn: $10/kg
Ku Wang: $10/kg

20. Durian Empire Punggol
Address: 168 Punggol Field, Punggol Plaza B1 Atrium | Contact number: 9767 1519
Premium Mao Shan Wang: $14/kg
Awesome Mao Shan Wang: $17/kg
Gang Hai: $10/kg
Grey Husk Red Prawn: $10/kg
D28: $8/kg
Lin Feng Jiao: $12/kg
Free delivery to Punggol, Sengkang and Hougang min 4kg | Bedok, Pasir Ris and Tampines min 5kg

21. Ah Seng Durian
Address: 20 Ghim Moh Market #01-119 | Contact number: 9465 6160
Mao Shan Wang: $15/kg
Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $14/kg
Black Pearl: $12/kg
XO: $12/kg
D13: $8/kg

Prices are said to be as at 21 March 2018. Enjoy!


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    AVOID Fruits King Durian at Blk 22 Havelock Rd at all costs. A bunch of gangster-like sellers that treat customers like shit. Prices are v high & lousy quality compared to other places. No water or tissue paper provided. Busy talking among themselves & don’t even bother to clear tables even when they see U clearing table. What many people said is true…look for trustworthy, friendly sellers. Definitely not Fruit King Durian. Even if they offer me all durians free, including MSW, I will also not visit shop again. They are #9 on list of 30 durian stalls being circulated.

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