This guy dishes out some great advice to Financial Consultants/ Salespeople who intercept you at the MRT station

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Ever tried rushing for your train at the MRT station only to intercepted by a financial consultant or salesperson behaving like a “professional basketball player trying to block a shot”?

Or have someone run in front of you and dangle his/her ‘Free Gift’ in front of your eyes?

In a widely-shared Facebook post, professional emcee and show host Herbert Liu dishes out some great advice to financial consults and all other salespeople in general who behave in this banner.

In case you can’t see the post, here are his key points:

1) No means no

If someone is walking briskly to the MRT station gantry, chances are he or she is rushing for the train. Please do not intercept them. Maybe they are just pretending to do so just to avoid you, then trying to force them to talk to you wouldn’t work either.

2) Please do not insult our intelligence by starting with “I am not trying to sell you anything.”

We know what it is.

3) Let it go

Specifically, when we say ‘No’. Accept it and let it go.

Like what Herbert says,

When girls reject me I also don’t ask them ‘Can you tell me why not?’ Right?

4) Be upfront

Opening your pitch with ‘Hi! Can i share with you some of our policies?’ is better than ‘hihimynameisjanedoeiamnottryingtosellyouanythingtodaycanijusthavefiveminutesofyoutimetodoaquicksurveypleasepleaseipromiseyouitwillbequick’.


Do not, we repeat, do not run in front of us and dangle your ‘free gift’ in front of our eyes and expect us to follow the object you are dangling in your hand.

We are not your cats.

Well said, Herbert. Well said.



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