You can now rent a handsome oppa to tour Korea with you

By April 5, 2018Travel

TL;DR – This takes personal tour guide to a whole new level.

Okay I get it. We love South Korea and its K-drama. And particularly, the dashing, charismatic, sweet and caring oppa in every single one of these dramas.

If you have always wanted a spring (or summer. Or winter) romance with a Korean oppa, you can stroll the streets of Myeongdong with your very own real-life handsome oppa. This is about as close as it gets.

Oh My Oppa is a travel platform that allows you to “book a Korean Oppa as your travel friend while traveling in Korea”.

​According to the website, this will allow you to have a better understanding of Korean culture, traditions and history. 

As with most freelance tour guides booking, you can simply select your preferred guide from their website, check availability and pay via PayPal.

Except that this allows you to “create your own special memory”.

Are the oppas listed K-drama worthy?

Well, based on the profiles listed on Oh My Oppa, they are all quite good-looking, I would say. Some are proclaimed animal lovers, one is a famous mobile broadcaster and there’s even one who studied architecture and makes a great “story teller  for Gyeongbokgung, Insadong”.

The itineraries with the different oppas are fixed and a two-hour tour costs about US$40 (~S$53). This excludes your personal expenses.

You can even rent a hanbok to complete your K-drama romance experience.

What a time to be alive.



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