No… Lee Bee Wah didn’t force football match to be abandoned

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TL;DR – Got to check facts…

An alternative media site wrote that a U-19 match between Warriors FC and a FAS U-19 side was allegedly abandoned because MP of Nee Soon GRC Er Dr Lee Bee Wah instructed the centre manager of the stadium, where the match was played, to turn off the lights at 9pm, before the end of the match. According to the article, Dr Lee gave those instructions because of complaints from residents from nearby condominium The Estuary.

However, a quick and simple check of the Facebook page of the Warriors FC will let you know what happened:


This was posted way back on 10 April, a good five days before the article went online. That means that the alternative media had a good five days to reach out to Dr Lee Bee Wah, and Sports Singapore, who operates the stadium, to find out what exactly happened. While that site claimed to have reached out to Dr Lee Bee Wah to “seek her inputs on the matter”, one wonders how much time that site gave Dr Lee to respond before posting that article.

In any case, Dr Lee Bee Wah has come out to refute the allegations made against her in the article:


Furthermore, Mr Paul Poh, general manager of Warriors FC, also commented on the post on the Facebook page of the alternative media site:

Comment by Paul Poh, general manager of Warriors FC

So it seems that there is a technical fault where the lights were set to turn off automatically at 9pm every day, and that the lights had been faulty for a while now. If that alternative media site had wanted to be sure that they aren’t publishing fake news, they could have reached out to more people to find out what exactly happened, rather than just base their entire article on what the centre manager of the stadium allegedly said.

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But I guess since the person who wrote the article isn’t a journalist, it’s too much to expect them to verify their story before posting the article. And in this day and age of people rushing to post things online, it isn’t uncommon for people to post unverified or even fake news online.

So this incident is yet another example to show why we shouldn’t take things we read on alternative media sites (including ours) at face value and accept them to be true without looking for other sources of information to corroborate and verify the story. Having a healthy dose of skepticism is the best defence against online falsehoods.

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