Foreign worker offered his own cooked lunch to a sick elderly resident

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TL;DR – Faith in humanity restored.

What would you do if someone sick approaches you for help? Would you drop what you were doing right away to help?

Well, I guess while some kind souls would render help immediately, some would probably feign ignorance. Or worse, some others would perhaps walk away thinking: “Scam one izzit?”

But Bangladeshi cleaner Kalam Mohd, who has been working at Tanjong Pagar Town Council for the past decade, did not do so.

Kalam was doing his usual cleaning duties at Block 103 Commonwealth Crescent last Saturday on 14th April, when an elderly resident approached him for help.

In an interview, Kalam revealed that the woman looked pale and was clutching her stomach. She then told him that she was still in the midst of recovering from a recent surgery and showed him a pink vertical scar on her stomach.

She had approached him to seek his help to buy her food as she was too ill to walk to the market.

At the drop of a hat, Mr Kalam obliged as he felt that that was the least he could do for her. He then rushed back to the storeroom where the cleaners keep their belongings, to get his own packed lunch of rice and curry that he had cooked the previous night.

He borrowed an e-scooter from a resident whom he’s familiar with, just so that he could rush back to the elderly’s flat, which was 10 minutes away.

However, on his way there, he was stopped by three police officers from Queenstown neighbourhood police centre. According to Kalam, for the cleaners’ own safety as well as the residents’ safety, they are not allowed to use scooters for work.

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Fortunately, upon explanation, the police officers understood his intentions and complimented him for his selfless act.


Kalam’s act of kindness did not go noticed. He was awarded with a Certification of Appreciation which was presented to him on Wednesday 18th April by Mr Melvin Yong, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC and chairman for Tanjong Pagar Town Council, who also shared the post on his Facebook last night. Mr Yong is also a Labour MP with the Labour Movement and he has been actively advocating for workers’ rights.


Apparently, it was not the first time that Kalam has done something commendable like this.

According to Kalam’s supervisor, who declined to be named, Kalam is one of the kindest people he has met, and he shares his food with elderly residents all the time.

Don’t you think such heartwarming gesture from our foreign worker deserves our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation?

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