Dream Job: Move to Iceland, Travel the World!

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TL:DR – Eat, Sleep, Travel, Repeat for 10 weeks.

I’ve always had to fork out my own moolah to pay for my own vacations, and have always dreamt about how super-duper nice it will be to have a job that actually pays me to travel. But how is it possible that one gets to travel the world for free? Or even better, getting PAID for traveling the world?

Dream job exists??! Somebody pinch me please!

No, but seriously, Wow Air is making this dream come true for two people!

Is this the best summer job or what?! The budget Icelandic airline is recruiting two people to move to Iceland (hell yes, Northern Lights!!!) from 1st June until 15th August 2018 (that’s 10 weeks), and travel the world WHILE getting paid! If you’re a content creator who loves to travel, this is a fantastic opportunity to see the world! And you can just bring your bestie along!

And to sweeten the deal for you – which includes accommodation in a furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavík, transportation, and other tours around Iceland – the airline will also be covering all travel and living expenses while you visit other destinations.

If you get the summer job, you can expect to take 8 trips to random WOW air destinations from Iceland. Each trip will last for 2-4 days. You will also be expected to take at least 4 domestic trips in Iceland. All trips will be taken over the course of 10 weeks during the summer of 2018.

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Too good to be true? You know what your mama says: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Yep, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch in life, you’ll have to work for it. So in return, you’d have to create content and also provide travel tips for its website during your “employment period” of 10 weeks.

That’s pretty reasonable!

If you think you’re game for it, here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a short video travel guide of your hometown that is between 60-120 seconds long (Yep, your video is your application!)
  • Go to WOW air’s Travel Guide application page
  • Fill in the necessary information
  • Upload your video
  • Link all social media links (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other if applicable)
  • Sit back and wait. Pray too – so you’d get selected


Application deadline is on 14th May and winner will be notified on 18th May 2018.

You can find out more here.

Good luck!


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