Najib’s step-daughter spills more tea on the Najib family

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TL;DR – Okay now sit down and get your popcorn ready.

Just when you thought the drama from Malaysia’s GE14 is over, Azrene Ahmad speaks up in a social media post, spilling more tea about Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor.

Oh wait.

Who’s Azrene Ahmad?

She is none other than Najib’s step-daughter, Rosmah Mansor’s daughter from her first marriage – She, Rosmah, had two marriages before she married Najib in 1987.

In her lengthy post below, Azrene Ahmad (or Azrene Soraya Abdul Aziz) opens up about her past struggles in the Najib family.

In case you can’t see the post, or if you’re too lazy to read, here’s the gist of it:

1) Losing respect for people whom she’d loved

Azrene Ahmad shared how she’d grown up respecting and loving the two before selfishness and greed got the better of them. Through her growing up years, she has suffered from emotional, physical and mental abuse from Rosmah and witnessed the same abuse inflicted upon Najib.

2) Rosmah Mansor – The real-world villain

It is interesting to watch a fictional movie with a villain who steals the show. But it wouldn’t be the same if the villain who steals money in real life is your mother by birth.

From Azrene’s post, it seems that the mastermind behind it all is none other than Rosmah Mansor herself. From bribery, corruption to money laundering, Azrene has witnessed them, all for the benefit of power and for greed for Rosmah’s own desire – some of which without Najib’s knowledge.

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Apparently, Rosmah also practices black magic and would use these supernatural “powers” to cast spells, and even inflict harm upon those who have crossed her.

3) Betrayal of own kin

Azrene then lets on how she was being made used of as a mule, carrying steel safes full of jewels, precious stones and cash into and out of the country, and how the couple on countless attempts, had tried to sell her into marriage for political gain and social advantage.

Azrene Ahmad with her husband (via)

4) Self-imposed exile

Just when Azrene thought she’d escaped from the Najib family – when she’d finally decided to cut her ties with them and eventually got married to the man of her choice, Rosmah began to haunt and harass her new family. Using her influences and abusing her powers, she’d engaged the government, civil servants, media and members of Parliament and many other ways just to make life difficult for Azrene and her family.

5) Najib – The henpecked husband (?)

Azrene shared that she had tried to seek help on numerous occasions from the then Prime Minister but her efforts were to no avail. Instead, he had his wife’s tracks covered because he was afraid of her.

She’d also claimed that when the 1MDB saga broke out back in 2015, Najib eventually came to realize that something malignant was indeed going on, but yet he did nothing to stop it. Instead, the whole of Najib family was mobilized and got involved in pocketing the money to fund for bribery, extortion and even down to silence, maime and kill those who meddled with the family.

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Just so you know, this is not the first time Najib’s estranged step-daughter has taken it to her social media account with her harsh critics against the family. In 2016, she has written a long, heartfelt post about the 1MDB crisis. You can read it up here.

6) “You reap what you sow, not a penny less and not a penny more”

Towards the end of her post, she criticized Najib for failing to prioritize the welfare of the people first, but instead, he had succumbed to his own greed, avarice and pride. She reminded the Najib family and the people who had been involved in the evil doings that there will be a day where they will be exposed of their crimes and that they’d eventually have to face the consequences of their actions.

Azrene’s husband posted this old photograph of Rosmah shaking his hand (via)

And oh, in case you haven’t seen it, Azrene’s husband (i.e. Rosmah’s son-in-law), Fazley Yaakob, also reposted Azrene’s Facebook post here.

Perhaps this is why people often say you shouldn’t marry the wrong person. Do you think things would be different for Najib if he hadn’t married Rosmah?



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