Have netizens discovered Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir’s secrets to longevity and youthfulness?

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TL;DR – Those vitamins are flying off the shelves!

So just yesterday, the Malaysian online sphere (and some say parts of Singapore too, hurhur) was abuzz with Tun Mahathir, also the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia and the oldest Prime Minister in the world, and his brown Bata sandals.


Seems like sales have been brisk for those sandals. It’s not hard to see why, it’s a very established brand, the price is more than reasonable and yes, the Tun M effect.

It looks like sandals ain’t the only item Tun M has caused a frenzy over!

An old photo posted by his daughter, Marina Mahathir, back in October 2015 has resurfaced and been making its rounds on the internet.

Again, sharp-eye netizens have picked up on a couple of things.

1. Tun M and his wife eat very little rice!

In fact, Tun’s portion looked like it’s just two mouthfuls. He had shared in various interviews that he practises his mother’s golden advice.

“My mother always told me that when the food tastes good, that’s the time you must stop eating.”

Words of wisdom indeed. Tun M had also shared this advice with Sumiko Tan when she carried out an interview with him.


2. Does Tun M take the Berocca multivitamin?

Netizens have spotted what looked like a canister of Berocca Performance Orange Flavour Effervescent Tablets on the table next to Tun M’s plate of (very little) rice.

According to the Berocca Singapore website, Berocca® Performance is a specifically tailored vitamin and mineral supplement that may help enhance mental and physical performance when taken daily.

This multivitamin helps sustain energy for mental and physical performance. It contains a specific combination of B group vitamins and vitamin C, enhanced with added calcium, magnesium and zinc. When taken daily Berocca® provides extra support to get more out of every day. It’s supposed to have the following benefits:

  • Vitality and alertness
  • Physical energy and reduce tiredness
  • Supports mental and physical performance

    One pharmacy in Kuching has been quick to respond to this latest ‘IT’ item made popular by Tun M and posted this,


    In case you’re wondering, the item’s reportedly flying off the shelves in Malaysia already!

    See how they’re left with just three boxes of Berocca whilst the other brands’ vitamins are still fully-stocked? (via)

    Whilst the Malaysians are wondering if Tun M’s strict (and very light!) diet and those vitamins are the secret to his longevity and youthfulness, I’m wondering what new frenzies we can expect from this 92-year-young man!


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