Taipei reaches the hottest day in May in 27 years

By May 29, 2018Current

TL;DR –  Temperatures reached 38.2 degrees.

While working on this article featuring 12 reasons why we love Taipei, we found out that capital of Taiwan measured at over 38 degrees Celsius on Sunday 27 May, making it the hottest day in May for the city in 27 years.

According to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB), the temperature in the capital reached 38.2 degrees at 11:17 a.m and broke the record of the hottest day in May for Taipei in 1991, which stood at 37.7 degrees.

The bureau also issued a warning for sun stroke and heat-related discomfort.

Apart from Taipei, all the other regions in the country also saw temperatures surpassing 30 degrees.

Not that it will deter us from heading there, but if your June holiday plans include Taiwan, then you definitely want to pack the sunblock.

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