OBike, MoBike, OFO, GrabCycle… Which bike-sharing option is the cheapest?

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TL;DR – We do a comparison for you.

I’m sure you have seen one of these shared bicycles around Singapore. They have been around for more than a year now and to date, they are more than five bicycle-sharing companies on our tiny island.

You might have tried one or two of these bike-share systems, or even all of them, but do you know their differences or which is possibly the cheapest?

We check out some of the big players and find out for you!


Singapore-based oBike was the first to enter the scene, by rolling out about 1,000 bicycles in January last year, and soon increasing its fleet to 14,000. The service is now available in 24 countries and the bicycles are identifiable by their yellow and silver frames.

Lights: Yes


Fits wide range of heights

Plenty of bikes everywhere

Student promo for $19

Often offers promotions


Heavy body

No gears (can be tiring to ride uphill)

Rates: $1 per 30 min

Deposit: $49

Payment methods: Credit/debit card, Paypal, GrabBike



Next to enter the scene was Beijing startup, Mobike. Touted as the world’s first and largest bike-sharing system, the China company currently has eight million orange-and-silver bikes in more than 200 cities.

Lights: No


Light body

Older bikes have gears


Difficult to control

Basket is quite small

Rates: $0.50 per 15 min

Deposit: $49

Payment methods: Credit/debit card


Not to be mistaken with Obike with their similar yellow bicycles (albeit with black frames instead), ofo is another Beijing-based bicycle sharing company that was founded in 2014. It currently has 10 million bikes in more than 250 cities.

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Lights: No


Larger frame, good for taller people

Light body


No gears

Rates: $1 per hour; $2 for the entire journey

Deposit: None

Payment methods: Credit/debit card, Apple Pay


GrabCycle is by the ride-sharing platform, Grab, and this system is different in the sense that it doesn’t own any bikes of its own. The app aggregates its bike sharing partners oBike, GBikes, Anywheel, and Popscoot into a single marketplace and allows people to find a bike or an e-scooter when they need it.

Rates: Weekly subscription of $1, or $0.50/30mins for “Pay As You Go”

Deposit: A deposit of $5 is required for the “Pay As You Go” pricing

Payment methods: You will need to purchase GrabPay Credits to pay for your rides.


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