BREAKING: PM Lee’s name is really NOT Lee Xiao Long

By June 12, 2018Current

TL;DR – Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

With the Trump-Kim summit being one of the hottest topics this week, there are bound to be a few FOMO souls out there who want a bit of limelight to themselves.

Earlier today (12 June), when Trump and Kim had their historic one-on-one meeting, a screenshot of this tweet was seen circulating on social media and on Whatsapp:

(via Facebook, Whatsapp and everything-in-between)

Thankfully, quick-witted netizens quickly realized that the tweet above was actually photoshopped.

And one that has been done without putting in much effort, tsk tsk. Here’s the real deal taken from Trump’s official Twitter account:

Fake news is not new, but here’s a very good example of fake news and as well as a bad Photoshop fail.

So yes, the last time I checked, PM Lee’s name is still “Lee Hsien Loong”

(Featured image via)

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