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TL;DR – Cause it’s all ’bout the ‘gram, ’bout the ‘gram, no shallow.

Everybody seems to be getting married these days. Or at least, proposed to. And gone are the days where a proposal involved just a ring and the two of you. It has to be captured professionally on camera and posted on social media for it to actually happen.

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So if you are looking for an Insta-worthy proposal as a prelude to an Insta-worthy wedding, here are some tips:

1. Plan the moment

As basic as this may be, make sure you plan where and when you will do it so you know what to bring, where you will be and how to dress up for it.

2. Hire a photographer

It’s best you hire a photographer but if you choose to ask a friend to help out instead, do be sure to go through with him/ her the actual event run-down and where to stand (or hide) and how to position the camera.

3. Have a pretty background

Unless your house looks like it’s from the pages of a Kinfolk magazine, it’s best to opt for somewhere else instead. Bonus points if you can include some elements of nature – be it the sea, sunrise, sunset or some flowers and plants in the background.

4. Dress up for it

And we don’t just mean you. Please tell your partner you’re going on a dinner date or photoshoot or wedding or anything important, so she won’t show up in her Chang beer t-shirt and FBT shorts.

5. Capturing your emotions

This is CRUCIAL. At the end of the day, the photo should be one you look back and reminisce how you both felt that day. So, look into each other’s eyes, hug, jump, scream, cry, laugh, smile – and actually look like you’re enjoying the moment.


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