There is now an Instagram account dedicated to #MakeYishunGreatAgain

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TL;DR – They aim to make Yishun the greatest neighbourhood in Singapore.

Yishun seems to be the de facto ghetto town these days. Mention the neighbourhood and chances are 1,002 strange incidents involving the estate would automatically come to mind. And out these events, 1,001 would most likely be negative.

(Don’t pretend, you know I know we all think like that.)

The one non-negative event would probably be that our current President hails from that humble estate, but whether it’s positive PR or not, that is also pretty debatable.

It seems that a particular Instagram account aims to change things though.

With the handle @MakeYishunGreatAgain2018, this Instagram account aims “to make Yishun the greatest neighbourhood in Singapore”.

From good food,

to neighbourhood haunts,

they all seem to have one purpose, which is to,

Ok can.

I’m not sure how convincing they can be but to borrow Trump’s words again,

(Cover image adapted from Facebook)

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