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TL;DR – You can’t judge a HDB flat by its cover.

So, you just got your very own BTO and you want to transform your new home into your own slice of heaven. Whatever theme you choose, your home should be a place you look forward to going back to every day.

Here are some of our favourite themes you might want to consider:

1. Modern Industrialist
Modern Industrial, BTO design via

This three-room flat in the Chinatown area is perfect for those who cannot stand clutter.

2. Artist Designer
Artist Designer, BTO design


Want a European Airbnb experience? This three-room flat in Stirling Road does exactly that, complete with unique art pieces, wallpaper and even flooring tiles too.

Interior Designer: Exquisite Art

3. Scandinavian (aka Muji-inspired)
Muji-inspired, BTO design via

We think the calming mix of whites and browns will always remain a timeless favourite – we love it!

Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image

4. Monochrome
Monochrome, BTO design


You can almost never go wrong with a monochrome colour palette.

Interior Designer: Space Sense Studio

5. Manhattan
Manhattan, BTO design via

Want to feel like you have a swanky Manhattan-style apartment in the heart of New York City? Such a pity that it doesn’t come with a view of the Empire State Building though.

Interior Designer: Edge Interior

6. Luxe and fancy
Luxe, BTO design via

Designed by a firm specialising in luxury living, this four-room flat in Punggol is fitted with glossy finishes, plush rugs and an posh leather sofa.

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

7. Man cave
Guitar, BTO design via

If you have always dreamed of displaying your guitar collection or other memorabilia, this makes a pretty darn cool bachelor’s pad.

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Interior Designer: Starry Homestead

8. Oriental Charms
Oriental charms, BTO design via

We love the mix of traditional and contemporary elements in this Macpherson home!

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

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