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TL;DR – May peace be in upon you.

Not everyone believes in the supernatural, but what if there are strange occurrences of events that cannot be explained happening more than once?

Yup, I am referring to the mass hysteria that took place recently during a school assembly session in Kota Bharu, the capital of Malaysia’s Kelantan state.



In case you haven’t heard, here’s a summary of what happened:

    • Students were overtaken by bouts of hysteria during a school assembly in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ketereh, Kelantan on 18 July.
    • Students and teachers had just finished reciting religious verses when a female student suddenly became hysterical and began screaming.
    • The school hall became chaotic when several other students started screaming as well.
    • The entire episode lasted for about 40 minutes before students were treated by a Muslim spiritual healer and subsequently brought home by their parents.
    • In particular, one of the student had it worse: In school, she witnessed a mysterious black figure behind one of her peers who was hysterical, and she started crying without realising it. Back at home, the hysteria affected her mother and pregnant sister later the same night.
    • Her sister apparently went berserk and began laughing hysterically before sticking her tongue out as though she was being choked by something.
    • Her brother-in-law had to call up a religious teacher for help when her sister threatened to go to the jungle.
    • To make the matter worse, when the religious teacher was treating her pregnant sister, her mother too, went into hysterical fits and started screaming – to which she could not recall at all.
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Disturbingly, this isn’t the first time is there a paranormal activity that turned the school into what can only be described as eerie.

More than 100 secondary school students and teachers affected by mass hysteria outbreak in 2016

I kid you not.



Fast-forward to 2016, a mysterious wave of mass hysteria has broken out at several secondary schools in Kelantan, with more than 100 students and teachers affected by it.

Students claimed to have seen paranormal beings, such as a pontianak and pochong within the school compound, while several other students were reported to have been possessed.

Lessons were severely disrupted and schools were forced to close.

Malaysia’s Ministry of Education was said to have sent several religious teacher to the school to recite religious verses and conduct prayers with students and staff in attempts to get rid of the “evil spirits”. Chinese shaman from Perak and his team, were also called in to the school compounds to assist in the situation.

Well, it seems that mass hysteria is quite common in Malaysia, especially in the rural areas. So much so that a public university was reported to be selling an anti-hysteria kit which was said to be able to deter “evil spirits”.



This anti-hysteria kit consists of items such as chopsticks, salt, lime, vinegar, pepper spray, and formic acid and it costs up to RM 8,750 (SGD $2,946).

If you’re curious about how a hysteria is like, you might want to watch the video below:

Editor’s Note: Watch at your own risk!

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