Celebrate National Day with these new local-inspired dishes

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TL;DR – Eating is our national hobby right?

With the arrival of August 9, practically every F&B establishment in the country has come up with their own rendition of some National Day-ish dish. From ondeh ondeh cakes to nasi lemak sushi, here are some creations you might watch to check out.

1) Rendang Sedap Angus Beef Burger

Back by popular demand, this burger features a 100% Angus beef patty dipped in rendang sauce made from “a blend of coconut milk, ginger, kaffir lime, lemongrass, onion, garlic and spices”. It’s then topped with a fried egg and fried onions. Available at all McDonald’s outlets, we suggest you give the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger a miss (that was sadly, quite a disappointment) and go for this instead. Don’t forget to complete your meal with the rather legit D24 Durian McFlurry.

2) Ondeh Ondeh Cake


It’s a kueh… it’s a cake… it’s a kueh in a cake?! This Ondeh Ondeh Cake by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the perfect marriage of pandan and gula melaka and it’s almost impossible to stop at just one slice.

3) Nasi Lemak Sushi

What is it about nasi lemak that Singaporeans can’t seem to get enough of? This interpretation by Sushi Tei comes stuffed with tori karaage (fried chicken), tamago (omelette) and julienned cucumber and instead of sashimi, the fish here is replaced by otah “made from the finest quality mackerel infused with aromatic spices and topped with fried baby sardines”. We hope it tastes as good as it sounds!

4)  ‘Hey! Bee Hiam’ Golden Chicken Curry Rice Set

Usually known for their rice sets in monstrous sizes, this Japanese curry restaurant chain has created their ‘Hey! Bee Hiam’ Golden Chicken Curry Rice Set just for National Day. The dish features spicy dried shrimp sambal (or hae bee hiam) atop their signature chicken cutlet and fluffy Japanese rice. Definitely worth a try!

5) Burger King

It’s the battle of the burgers with Burger King also having a rendang burger on the menu. Unfortunately, after sampling both rendang burgers from Burger King and McDonald’s, I’ve got to admit that the latter tastes much better. BUT the Hainanese Tendergril Chicken burger is actually pretty good and so is their new Teh Tarik Pie filled with milk tea custard.

6) Wonder Melon

Not exactly the most local flavour, but this concoction by Boost Juice Bars for our National Day is super refreshing and just what we need in this crazy weather. Or to wash down all that sinful food above.



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