It is now a thing to name your kids after IKEA furniture

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TL;DR – Charming Scandinavian names, anyone?

Gone are the days where children are named Peter, Sally, Andrew or Jenny.

And if you think names Jayden, Aiden and Emma are considered trendy, think again.

The latest hipster trend, according to BabyCentre, is to name your child after IKEA furniture.


“Naming your baby after IKEA furniture might seem ridiculous at first glance, but don’t dismiss the idea!” says writer LucyBC in a blog post on the popular parenting website.

“IKEA is known for the charming Scandinavian names it gives its products and many work surprisingly well as baby names.”

Here are the most eligible IKEA-inspired baby names, according to BabyCentre. They could apparently work for both boys and girls.

  • Malm
  • Tarva
  • Stefan
  • Ivar
  • Tobias
  • Stig
  • Franklin
  • Ingo
  • Fredde
  • Sommar
  • Norna
  • Cilla
  • Malinda
  • Elly
  • Henrika
  • Johanne
  • Mata
  • Mydal

Would you consider naming your child from the IKEA catalogue?

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