If you witness someone getting molested on the MRT, what will you do?

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TL;DR – So fu*kin’ angry.

Like the title asks, what will you do if you see someone getting molested on the MRT?

Will you…

1) Stare and do nothing?
2) Say you don’t know what to do?
3) Let the molester get away.
4) All of the above.

Unfortunately, option 4) All of the above was exactly what happened to Facebook user Karmen Siew on Wednesday 12 September evening.

She describes the full turn of events (disclaimer: expletives ahead but hey, I would be just as angry too) on the social media platform and here’s the post,

Here’s a quick summary of her account,

1) Molester brushes his hand against her thigh three times while on the train.

2) She gets off at the next stop, Serangoon, and the molester follows suit. Gropes her again while on the escalator.

3) She yelled in his face but the people around just stared and did nothing.

4) She dashed to the control station but the MRT personnel in charge did nothing, or rather, didn’t know what to do.

5) MRT Personnel calls the police but it’s the MacPherson station (not Serangoon, which is the nearest station) and apparently they only have one officer on duty so he can only arrive 30 minutes later.

6) Obviously by now the molester would have fled the scene.

7) Also,  the MRT station’s CCTV records can’t be watched at the station, but only at the police station.

8) So she had to make her way to the nearest police station and was repeatedly told to “calm down” eight times by the male police officers there.

9) Finally left the police station after 2am. She didn’t get to review the CCTV footage but the police officer in charge was thorough, didn’t jump to conclusions and recorded everything properly, even saving her  sketches. He said there’s a team that will get on it and she may be asked to ID the offender at a later date.

10) Update at Thursday 936am, the police calls to say there’s a good chance they can find the offender as the station was not crowded. Another call comes in from another police station and she explains that she’s already on the phone with an officer. Happy to know they’re on the job.

And the important conclusion,

 I had no idea so many of you went through the same, especially on the MRT! There are so many silent victims. Some of you know self-defense. But lots of you were either too shocked/outraged/stunned to react.

Hopefully, other victims will be motivated by Karmen’s account and will be as courageous as her to stand up for themselves.

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Editor’s Update (17th Sep): A 23-year-old man has been arrested




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