Dear Singapore, it’s just a 38-minute blackout. Not the end of the world.

By September 19, 2018Current

TL;DR – Shorter than Earth Hour.

I’m sure you would have read by now about the power blackout on early Tuesday (Sep 18) morning which lasted 38 minutes and affected several parts of Singapore.

Or you could have been one of the 146,797 customers affected by the outage.

I get it. It can be frustrating. I could be typing this article at 3:20am (which I really am) and find it gone the next second. You could be taking a shower and end up being forced to complete it in darkness. And for those with babies, you risk having your child wake up as the air-conditioner shuts off in this 30-degree heat. Or worse, our country could be under attack.

But thankfully we weren’t.

Which brings me to my point about being thankful. If you ask me, this incident serves to remind us that we have a lot to be thankful for.

That we have a strong defence system so we can sleep soundly at night, albeit the heat.

That blackouts are so infrequent that we actually can get so surprised (and angry, judging from Facebook comments) about it.

Light poverty and millions of associated deaths is still a real thing in the world today where 1.1 billion people – more than one in seven – still do not have access to electric light. (via)

That our utility companies have 24-hour emergency hotlines in place.

That even if you can’t get through the hotline, you can still get updates via social media,

And have your local politicians involved at 1:48 am, less than 20 minutes after things happen:

That we even have an SGSecure app that you can check to make sure you don’t have to start removing all your shoes and groceries you’ve been stashing away in your bomb shelter.

And that you didn’t have to use the bomb shelter today.

So yes, it was some almost 40 minutes of inconvenience but to put things in perspective, that’s shorter than the annual Earth Hour.

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