Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

TL;DR – Rights for all.

Oh, don’t we just love citizen journalism website STOMP and the people who submit contributions to it.

In the latest of controversies, is this submission by “Stomper ChanRic” who was “dismayed” to see a ‘no studying’ sign displayed at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s outlet at Compass One.

More specifically,  he says that he feels “that the sign is actually discriminatory against students, especially when the peak period for customers is on (even during the national exam period).”

The 17-year-old junior college student was at the coffee outlet to study for his H3 Mathematics examinations when he noticed the sign. Even though he did not get turned away by the cafe staff, he says: “A better solution would be to encourage The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf staff to remove ‘no studying’ signboards in all of its outlets, especially when there are not enough seats available for students there or at other food shops or restaurants.”

Maybe ChanRic is friends with this polytechnic student who feels that students have the right to hog cafe seats.

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By Zahra