Essential places in Singapore to get your salted egg fix

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TL;DR – Salted egg is love, salted egg is life.

Here is an image of a plate of Salted Egg Chicken for you to salivate at.

Okay, now let me be nice and share some of the best salted egg things you can get in Singapore.

1) Irvins Salted Egg

Available in two sizes, weighing at 203g and 105g, these divine bags from Irvins cost $16 and $8 respectively for the potato chips and fish skin. As for the recently released cassava chips, it costs $15 for the big bag and $7.50 for the small bag. One may place orders on their website, which allows a maximum of 30 packets for ordering, and a maximum of 7 packets for reservation.

2) The Golden Duck Co


Next up, we have The Golden Duck Co. You can also place orders on their website, but orders are processed in the form of at least one carton which contains 24 packets. Each carton costs $192. Also, each packet weighs 125g and are available for overseas shipping – perfect if you’re now studying overseas and must have that bag of salted egg goodness.

3) PastaMania Salted Egg Chicken


Bet you didn’t know that PastaMania had their menu changed right? Well, guess what?! They have joined the salted egg bandwagon too and came up with this Salted Egg Chicken Pasta. Priced at $12.90 for the normal size and $15.60 for an upsize, whoever thought that pasta salted egg will go well together?

4) Tom’s Palette Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream


Homemade and well-loved by their regulars, the Salted Egg Yolk ice cream here at Tom’s Palette is churned from real salted egg yolks. Best paired with their waffles… yum!

Where else do you go to satisfy your salted egg cravings? Let us know!

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