There is now Monopoly for Millennials and millennials ain’t having it

By November 20, 2018Entertainment

TL;DR – Adulting is hard.

Hasbro has launched a new Monopoly targeted at millennials.

With a very apt tagline Forget real estate! You can’t afford it anyway! too.

The toy and board game company says,

‘Instead of collecting as much cash as possible, players are challenged to rack up the most Experiences to win.

So yup, you play the board game by travelling around the gameboard visiting cool places to eat, shop, and relax. You don’t pay rent, you visit one another, and earn “Experience points”.

Locations to visit include ‘Friend’s Couch’, ‘the Vegan Bistro’ and the ‘Week-Long Meditation Retreat.’


Millennials, however, aren’t having it at all. A quick search on Twitter reveals the following,

Hasbro has defended its decision to create the game and even said that some of its staffs are millennials.

“We created Monopoly for Millennials to provide fans with a lighthearted game that allows Millennials to take a break from real life and laugh at the relatable experiences and labels that can sometimes be placed on them. With many of us being Millennials ourselves, we understand the seemingly endless struggles and silly generalizations that young Millennials can face (and we can’t even!). Whether you are a lifestyle vlogger, emoji lover or you make your ‘side hustle’ selling vegan candles, Monopoly for Millennials is for you!”

Ok can.

If you want to try your hand at it, this game is currently US-only and available at Walmart but you can always get it via a freight forwarding service such as vPost.


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