It’s gonna be a sticky affair at Morganfield’s this Christmas

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TL;DR – This little piggy had roast beef.

With two different menus for this upcoming festive season – one for dine-in and another for takeaway – Morganfield’s is making Christmas 2018 a very, very exciting one.

The highlight for the dine-in menu has got to be the Cranberry Sticky Bones, available in half slab ($29.90++) or full slab ($46.90++) and like the name suggests, features a sweet cranberry sauce glazed over their signature American prime pork ribs. It is also available in Baby Back Ribs at $38.90++ for a full slap.

As for the takeaway menu, if you have a dinner party you wish to impress, then you definitely have to order the Barbeque Beef Rib priced at $89.90+ for half a rack.  After hours of slow cooking, the result is this irresistibly juicy and tender masterpiece finished with a glaze of their signature Hickory BBQ Sauce. If you wish to have this for dine-in, please note that it is only available if you pre-order it 3 days in advance.

If ribs are not quite your thing (how could it be?!), then you might want to give the Roast Beef Ribeye a try. Traditionally roasted, it is perfect centrepiece of your Christmas dinner table. It is best served medium-rare with Brown Sauce. This is part of their takeaway menu and is priced at $189.90+ for a 2 kg pre-cooked serving.

And if you prefer chicken, then there’s this juicy and plum Roast Chicken which comes stuffed with rosemary, onions, celery and carrots. It is only available for takeaway and is priced at $35.90+ for a 1.6 kg pre-cooked bird.

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Roasted and braised to deliver tender and juicy meat paired with crispy crackling skin, you will be left wanting for more of their Crackling Pork Roast. This is only available for takeaway and orders are to made three days in advance. Available in servings of 1kg or 2kg.

And what’s Christmas without ham? The Orange Marmalade Glazed Whole Gammon Ham ($149.90+) features a whole gammon ham slathered with delectably sticky orange marmalade glaze that serves 6-8 pax.

If you are too lazy to cook at all, then you should just order their Morgan’s Christmas Feast. This $149.90+ set that feeds 4 pax comes with half slab of Hazelnut Sticky Bones, half slab of Cranberry Sticky bones, Crackling Pork Roast (600g), Gammon Ham (200g), sausages, garden salad, cornbread, Mexican grilled corn, roasted cauliflower and roasted pumpkin.

And if you have space left for dessert, then you’ve got to have this Black Forest Lava Cake. With a twist on the classic chocolate lava cake, this black forest lave cake comes with a rich and chocolatey dark cherry filling and is available for dine-in only.

And of course, alcohol is a must. Not only is the Somersby Summer Punch incredibly Instagram worthy, it is also a really tasty cocktail featuring a combination of Somersby and Vodka with floral notes and delightful fruit chunks.

For takeaway orders, you can make your order via this link.  Delivery is available at $25 per location and there’s free delivery for orders above $300+.



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