On THAT Miss Universe Singapore costume that was inspired by the Trump-Kim summit

By December 1, 2018Entertainment

TL;DR – Singapore’s Got Talent.

I’m sure you’d have heard, or rather seen, by now, the “national costume” our Miss Singapore representative, Miss Zahra Khanum, will be wearing at the international Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok, Thailand on Dec 17.

Designer of the costume, Mr Moe Kasim, says the Trump-Kim summit held earlier this year is the inspiration for this year’s MUS national costume, which consists of 3m-long white dove wings, a peace symbol incorporated into the bodice and an electric blue skirt emblazoned with a digital print of a handshake – one arm features the North Korean flag and the other, the American flag – over the Singapore skyline.

He has been designing the MUS costume for three years now and was happy to play on a beauty pageant stereotype of wanting world peace.

Miss Khanum, a 24-year-old sociology graduate from the National University of Singapore says that her first impression of the costume was that it looked absolutely angelic and it truly did embody the essence of world peace.

“It had a very serene and calming effect,” she mentioned.

But this said serene and calming effect doesn’t seem to be felt by other fellow Singaporeans.

According to Facebook,

Some decide to try their hand at fashion design too,

By the way, there is now a #missuniversesingaporephotoshopbattle happening and here are some of our favourites:

And like everything else on the Internet, there must be a petition.

There, we have it!

And as if it’s not enough, another Reddit user has pointed out that this dress looks a lot like Miss Turkey’s national costume from back in 2015,

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One can only hope that we will do better next year.

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