These are the top 50 secondary schools in Singapore

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TL;DR – Surprise, surprise. Raffles is not #1. 

It’s been years since the Ministry of Education stopped ranking schools publicly, but don’t worry, there is always crowdsourcing and the Internet to do that job for us.

There are numerous ways to tabulate and present the results of course and in a widely-shared Facebook post (3,958 shares as at press time) by SG Teach, which seems to be the Facebook page for,

These appear to be the top 50 secondary schools in Singapore.

The results are said to be calculated based on the minimum cut-off points officially released by MOE in March 2018 and includes data all the way from 2004 to 2018.

Based on this ranking, Nanyang Girls’ High School stands at first place, followed by Raffles Girls’ School and Hwa Chong Institution. Raffles Institution is at fourth place.

These are those ranked 51 to 100,

And here are the rest.

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