This video reminds us of how beautiful Singapore really is

By December 10, 2018Current

TL;DR – So fine.

The problem with living in Singapore is that sometimes, we forget how beautiful our country really is.

Then when an outsider – or this case, UNILAD Adventure – uploads a Facebook video titled Singapore At Night, you realise how magical this country can actually get.

Sure, we might not have a spot in the World’s Top 3 Night View (that’s a title reserved for Monaco, Hong Kong, and Nagasaki) but our city with its glitzy skyscrapers, majestic Marina Bay Sands and dazzling Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay looks pretty damn fine indeed.

UNILAD Adventure is a subsidiary of British Internet media company and website, UNILAD. The video has since gathered almost 9,850 shares in 48 hours and over 4,300 comments.



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