You can be a Santa Claus for Migrant Workers this Christmas

By December 10, 2018Current

TL;DR – What a great initiative.

December is the month where we go on a present-buying frenzy – for our family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and since this is the season of giving, you might want to extend this generosity to the 700,000 migrant workers here in Singapore.

This initiative by Itsrainingraincoats aims to distribute presents to the migrant workers who have been working relentlessly to build our country, and you can do your part by dropping of a “little colourfully and cheerily wrapped” present at any of their drop off locations in Singapore. You will have to private message their Facebook page for the list of drop off locations.

Ideas for presents include Tiger Balm (presumably for their aching bodies given their labour-intensive work), toiletries, chocolate and other tidbits (will be good if they are Halal I guess?), water bottles, data and calling cards, headphones as well as umbrellas and raincoats – which will definitely come in handy this rainy season.

Drop off period ends December 16.

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