73-year-old uncle wants MINDEF to mobilise him and his buddies if Singapore goes to war

By December 11, 2018Current

TL;DR – Protectingggggg Singapore.

Let’s just say that things in Singapore has been getting a little territorial lately. If you don’t know what I mean, then this video by mrbrown might explain things for you,

Also, over the weekend, MINDEF conducted a SAF Open Mobilisation…

And I guess this 73-year-old uncle was feeling a little left out.

According to a Facebook post by volunteer Desmond Tan, it was a different kind of Meet-the-People session as this patriotic uncle sought his MP’s  assistance to write a letter to MINDEF requesting him and his 5 SIR buddies to be mobilised if Singapore goes to war.

He says,

73 yrs old uncle wants the MP to help write a letter to mindef requesting mindef to mobilise him and his 5 SIR buddies if Singapore goes to war.

I do not think we will and do not wish to see Singapore going to war, but if it ever happens. I guess it is not about how many fighter jets or RSS we have, but it is the unity of our people (18 to 80 yrs old) that will see us through…

Goes to show that defending one’s country and its sovereignty is regardless of race, language or religion. And in this case, age too.


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