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TL;DR – Things are brewing on Reddit.

Ever since the territorial disputes started, there has since been much talk from both sides of the Causeway (… cause no crooked bridge yet.)

Reddit user, @/Semangat57 has posted an open letter to Singaporeans, in hope that the recent happenings would not sour the bilateral relationship between Singaporeans and Malaysians. 

He says,

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The post also says that he has also noticed that his current leader has a history of disliking Singapore and he will do anything to make it known and felt. 

Part of his message also suggests that maybe he is doing it to divert attention from the current issues that Malaysia is facing, but only the leader himself know what his intentions are best.

‘While it may be evident in recent electoral results that the majority of Malaysians support this government, it does not mean that all of us do, or that those who do, fully support all the policies of the government (see backtracking, unfulfilled manifesto pledges &c), many also voted for them for reasons other than genuine support,’ he says. He also adds on that ‘there still remains a good number of us that wants good relations with Singapore.’ Who doesn’t want to have a good relation with our neighbours, isn’t it? We all love the food they have there, the food they have reminds us of our childhood and most of us still cross the borders to have a good time with our friends. 

Another post found on Reddit, is by user @/chingchongcheng84 with his/her thoughts on this matter. This time round, it’s by a Singaporean he/she sends thanks to Dr Mahathir.

To view the full post, click here.

The posts elaborates how that it’s because of his actions, we have since proved our unity again. We can also learn from him, according to this user, of what we shouldn’t do as a leader, what we should for our country when encountering such a future and how we can create a future for ourselves. 

My personal thoughts?

‘We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve, happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.’ 

After many years of reciting the Singapore Pledge day in and out, I dare say that recent weeks have proved our unity as a nation, as one united people, and definitely one of the many things I am immensely proud of Singapore for. 

That, and Chendol, of course.

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