The world’s first pocket-sized bacteria killing robot is here

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TL;DR – Perfect for travels.

Love your vacations and staycations?

Have you ever wondered how clean hotel beds are?

To be honest, as a self-proclaimed extreme germaphobe, I hadn’t – and I’m utterly disappointed with myself – until I saw this.

Made you think, huh.

According to the CleanseBot, which claims to be the world’s first bacteria killing robot, in one study out of the University of Houston, researchers tested 19 surfaces in hotel rooms for bacteria and found that main room light switches had an average of 112.7 colony-forming units of bacteria per cubic centimeter

If numbers aren’t exactly your forte, then just watch this video:

Besides cleaning hotel beds, you can also use it at home on your laptop, phone, toys etc.

How it works is that it uses 4 UV-C lamps to kill bacteria.

The CleanseBot also doubles up as a power bank aka portable charger.


But here’s the flip side. This product isn’t actually available for sale yet, it’s currently a product listed on Kickstarter seeking funds to make it happen. So far with 11 more days to go, the project has received a total pledged amount of S$ 648,396 from 4,172 backers – so hopefully it’ll materialise soon.

Can’t wait!


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