Your not-so typical holiday light show

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TL;DR – Lights, camera, action.

Earlier this month, the firefighters and police officers from Coral Springs-parkland fire department in Florida, USA uploaded a video of their impressive light show on Facebook:

We can’t seem to embed the video so here’s a screenshot and please click on this link to watch it.

In this impressive video which has since been shared over 5,122 times, the department used the headlights of firetrucks and police cars to create this light show. 

https://www.gov.sg/news/content/central-fire-station-singapores-oldest-surviving-fire-station (via)

Now, if you happen to know of kiddos who LOVE firetrucks and ambulances, did you know that you can enter the fire stations on Saturdays to visit the lovely SCDF crew as well as the big trucks here in Singapore? 

Happening on Saturdays from 9am – 11am, at selected fire stations, you can bring them there to experience it for yourselves. Be awed as they show you around the station and their different equipment and vehicles.

You are bound to leave with some new knowledge! And perhaps a story or two to tell.


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