WATCH: This adorable puppy responding to Harry Potter spells

By January 13, 2019Entertainment

TL;DR – My dog is cooler than yours.

Anna Brisbin or better known as BrizzyVoices online, is an American YouTuber and actress based in California.

According to Wikipedia, she is known for her voice impressions of fictional characters, such as Pokémon and the Disney Princesses. 

This article, however, isn’t about her talents but that of her dog’s instead.

In this video she uploaded on Facebook, which is aptly titled my dog only responds to Harry Potter spells…, her one-year-old long-haired mini dachshund named Remus demonstrates some really cool tricks to familiar spells from the Wizardry series by J. K. Rowling.

The video shows Remus – who’s supposedly a Gryffindor based on his outfit performing tricks such as balancing on his hind legs in response to “Wingardium Leviosa”, fetching to “Accio ball” and playing dead to “Avada Kedavra”.

Since its upload on Wednesday 9 January, the video has garnered over 91,173 Facebook shares and 5.4 million views.

You can follow more of Remus’ adventures on Instagram @remus_the_doxie where he has some impressive 54,800 followers.

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