This vending machine in Japan sells edible bugs

By January 15, 2019Current

TL;DR – Only in Japan.

We are familiar with Japan being the land of vending machines with interesting offerings from surgical masks, to flowers, hamburgers and even underwear.

The latest to join this booming annual $60 billion industry is this vending machine in southern Japan that sells edible bugs.

Installed in October, the machine in Kumamoto sells 10 different types of bugs. The Cricket Protein Bar is the cheapest pack at 700 yen ($7), while the Salted Crickets are the most popular for 1,300 yen ($12).

Other offerings include pupae, diving beetles and Japanese rhinoceros beetles.

The bugs are ordered from Thailand.

34-year-old Tomoda Toshiyuki is the man behind the concept and he had installed the machine to find out whether people would open up to the idea of consuming bugs after contemplating on the possibility of a food crisis in the future.

He also advises that “it’s best to eat them with a bit of mayonnaise or a dash of red pepper.”


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