This guy rented friends to be more popular on Instagram

By January 19, 2019Current

TL;DR – 100 likes guaranteed.

Renting a friend/ boyfriend/ husband/ family member / Korean oppa is not exactly a new concept and Japanese company Family Romance specialises in “people for rent”. From friends, to spouses, parents, or colleagues, the company can provide you with complete strangers who can sub in for the real thing.

The need for this service is also probably exacerbated that we now live in the digital age where things are only believable if they appear on Instagram where. For example, your birthday party didn’t actually happen if pictures of it weren’t uploaded to said social media platform. Or maybe you are a social media influencer and just want a better looking bridal party for the pictures of your sponsored wedding that’s going on Instagram… you get the drift.

VICE International decided to give the service a try. They hired six employees from Family Romance to throw VICE Japan’s Kumpei Kuwamoto a “wild birthday party”.

Founder of Family Romance, Yuichi Ishii, guarantees that photos taken as a part of what he calls his “Life Enjoyment Representation Service” will rack up at least 100 likes on Instagram and most of the time, they end up netting much more than that.

How did the social experiment go? You can watch it for yourself here:


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