Canada’s new food guide now says that milk isn’t necessary

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TL;DR – Got milk?

For decades, we have grown up thinking that milk is healthy and an integral part to the physical development of children.

Remember how we used to have the School Milk Scheme that was introduced in 1974 to improve the nutritional intake of school-going children?

Canada has since released an updated food guide, and dairy is noticeably missing from the guide.

With the new guide, Canadians are advised to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with starches or grains and a quarter with protein.

This move away from meat and dairy requirements has won praise from vegetarian and vegan advocates, including Dr David Jenkins, the Canada research chair in nutrition and metabolism and a professor at the University of Toronto.

He says that we have erroneously placed “cow’s milk next to mother’s milk” in terms of its importance for human health.

He also says that “it’s not particularly new to say eat more fruits and veggies, people have been saying this for a while”.

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