SingPost investigating case of mail supposedly discarded by postman in Ang Mo Kio

By January 29, 2019Current

TL;DR – Why like that?

They say bad things come in threes and it certainly looks set to be the case in a series of PR disasters from SingPost.

Remember how last month there was the case of the “missed delivery” where the postman missed a customer by just “45 seconds” and then there’s the case in the same month where they were found trying to trick a business customer $7,000 for failing to distribute flyers?

In the latest incident against the postal company, Facebook user Alyce Kathlyn shared on the social media platform on Monday, January 28 a picture of a stack of mail, containing parcels and official letters that were allegedly tossed into a rubbish bin in Ang Mo Kio by a postman.

According to the pictures which have been shared over 6,700 times, the letters were meant for some residents living in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 and 5 and she also shared that it is not the first time she has “found this in Ang Mo Kio”.

On Tuesday January 29, SingPost has announced in a Facebook post that they are investigating the incident and that they are interviewing the postman on duty.

Sigh, we wish them good luck.


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