2019 junior college ranking based on cut-off points

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TL;DR – Every school a good school.

Yes, we know that the Ministry of Education no longer ranks schools in Singapore – or rather, they don’t publish the info publicly anymore but Singaporeans are known to be a rather resourceful bunch.

Based on the recently released O level results and the posting results of the associated Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) which determines which junior college, Millennia Institute, polytechnic or Institute of Technical Education GCE ‘O’ Level certificate holders go to which was released on Thursday 31 January, it seems that Singaporeans have done their homework accordingly.

According to tuition centre and “A level specialist”, Learners’ Lodge, these are cut-off for the various junior colleges in Singapore:

Junior CollegeArtsScience / IB
Anderson Serangoon JC*1211
Anglo-Chinese JC98
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)5
Catholic JC1314
Dunman High School109
Eunoia JC109
Hwa Chong Institution65
Jurong Pioneer JC*1615
Nanyang JC76
National JC87
Raffles Institution55
River Valley High School109
St. Andrew’s JC1110
St. Joseph’s Institution7
Tampines Meridian JC*1314
Temasek JC119
Victoria JC86
Yishun Innova JC*2020

Rearranging the above-mentioned info in ascending order, here are hence the supposed ranking of the different schools:

  1. Raffles Institution
  2. Hwa Chong Institution / Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  3. Nanyang JC
  4. Victoria JC/ St. Joseph’s Institution
  5. National JC
  6. Anglo-Chinese JC
  7. Dunman High School / Eunoia JC / River Valley High School / St. Andrew’s JC
  8. Temasek JC
  9. Anderson Serangoon JC*
  10. Catholic JC/ Tampines Meridian JC*
  11. Jurong Pioneer JC*
  12. Yishun Innova JC*

They also made a disclaimer that for the merged junior colleges (those marked with *), the cut-off point is the aggregate score of the lowest ranked students who were admitted to the merging JC which had a JC1 intake in 2018.

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