Starbucks Singapore drops new Cherry Blossom-inspired Frappuccinos and Sakura merchandise

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TL;DR – Flower Power!

No plans to travel out of Singapore to catch the cherry blossoms this year?

Fret not.

Starbucks Singapore brings cherry blossom season closer to you with two new flavours — the Matcha Azuki Blossom Crème Frappuccino and the Azuki Blossom Crème Frappuccino.

Matcha Azuki Blossom Crème Frappuccino

The new Matcha Azuki Blossom Crème Frappuccino is a delicious combination of the light and earthy flavors of matcha and red bean. Whipped cream is topped with pink and white rice petals and cranberry bits to transport you to a land where Sakura petals gently float.

$8.50 (Tall)

Azuki Blossom Crème Frappuccino

Creamy milk is blended with ice and red bean to create this sweet treat. Topped with red bean and fluffy whipped cream, it is sprinkled with “falling petals” of pink and white rice petals and tart dried cranberry bits, to capture the fleeting beauty of this season in a cup.

$7.90 (Tall)

Beautiful spring-inspired merchandise

If you have fallen in love with the dreaminess of Starbuck’s first Spring merchandise collection this year, then you should totally check out their latest collection because it’s even more mesmerizing!

Sakura Dish and Plate Set

Petal-shaped dish that stacks pretty on just about anywhere. They give a lovely vibe to your home; great for everything from cakes to little trinkets, the perfect accessory this spring!

Available in sets of 2: $21.90 per set

Night blooms

Pops of pink, against the dark night sky; gorgeous as can be.

Both designs, 12oz: $34.90 each

Falling Petals

Watch the soft pink petals dance, as you sip your favorite brew.

Left, 24oz: $29.90
Middle, 24oz: $44.90
Right, 12oz: $29.90

Gold Petals

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A touch of gold, amid the soft pink hues.

Left, 15oz: $22.90
Middle, 16oz: $22.90
Right, 12oz: $39.90

Starbucks x LOQI Reusable Bags

Beautiful and strong – that’s what these florals are.

Starbucks Singapore has teamed up with LOQI to bring you this pretty Sakura-themed Starbucks x LOQI collection.

Pack your shopping or your essentials in these super-strong LOQI bags, all decked out in gorgeous Sakura blooms. Each of these bags hold up to 20kg and when you’re not using them, simply fold them up and pack them away in its very own zip pocket. Drop them in your bag and they’re ready for use, whenever you might need them.

Available in 3 lovely Sakura blooms, these bags add a fun touch to your outfit.

Price: $14.90 each

Hurry, head to over any Starbucks outlet near you today to check out their gorgeous cherry blossom collection!


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