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TL;DR – Stressed since 2012?

Yet another GoJek dispute happened last week.

However, this time not because the passenger’s a Chinese, but over a $7 fare discrepancy.

In a seven-minute long clip which went viral on social media, the GoJek driver can be seen arguing with his elderly passenger over the fare for their ride.

What seems to have triggered the argument was that the elderly man claimed that when he booked the ride, the fare indicated was SGD $14.10. However, the driver’s app showed the fare was SGD $21.10 instead.

You may watch the full video that was re-uploaded by SG Road Vigilante here:

Shortly after the video went viral, the GoJek driver who came forward and identified himself as Mr Aaron Heng, posted a statement on Facebook on Saturday (March 30) and apologised for his behavior – before deleting traces of him off his social media account.

According to The Straits Times, Mr Heng had lodged a police report on the incident four hours before writing his apology post, claiming that all he did was to send the video to a Whatsapp group chat to ask for advice on the situation. He asked for the police to look into the matter and advise him on the actions he should take.

In his apology, Mr Heng wrote that he was “unnecessarily rude” and “not respectful” because he’s “facing a lot of stress”.

Well then perhaps it is time for Mr Heng to consider seeking treatment for his emotional or behavioral problem, because it seems that this problem has been affecting him… for a few years now.

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You might find the name Aaron Heng familiar because it seems that this Aaron Heng dude here is the same Aaron Heng whom Singaporean blogger Xiaxue had featured in one of her blog post titled “The Faces of Haters” all the way back in 2012.

He was called out by the blogger for defamation.

In 2014, he wrote an angry email (with lots of profanities) to many many people, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

In the same year, Mr Heng lodged a police report against British expatriate Anton Casey because, triggered.

Mr Heng seems really upset too, when the female passenger accused a Gojek driver of “kidnapping” her in the previous GoJek ‘hostage’ dispute.

Upset enough to lodge a police report against the female passenger for using the word “kidnap”.

We can’t tell for sure if Mr Heng is indeed facing a lot of stress, or he had intended for the video to spread across social media to shame the couple.

But if his intention was to berate the elderly couple, then unfortunately, it had backfired on him quite very badly.

The good news is, we’re quite sure that this incident will blow over in no time, but the bad news is that the internet never forgets.

Be careful about the trail you leave online!

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