Chinese GRAB driver chickened out on his racial discrimination post

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TL;DR – His courage lasted less than 24 hours.

I’m sure you’ve read or at the very least heard about the remarks from Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat recently, saying that the country is not ready for a non-Chinese Prime Minister – which has unfortunately, got many Singaporeans unhappy and some very triggered.

As much as we’d like to believe that Singapore is a racially harmonious country, and from the outside, it might seem as discrimination in Singapore does not exist. But is that really true?

In a Facebook post, a GRAB driver recounted his experience with an Indian passenger and her 2 children on the Facebook group, Complaint Singapore.

To summarise, the GRAB driver picked up a passenger and her 2 kids, who screamed, jumped and performed a five-minute fart symphony in his car. The elder son, who allegedly started the nuisance, also left behind a piece of shit (literally) in the car.

According to his post, the mother of the two children was on her mobile phone and pretended to be oblivious to her children’s mischief throughout the entire episode.

Annoyed, the driver concluded that he had decided that he would rather forgo his incentives than pick up Indian families with kids in future.

In the lengthy post that was removed in less than 24 hours, the GRAB driver wrote:

I need to share this as this is a true incident that happened to me yesterday that caused a mental stress to me.

Picked up this Indian passenger with her 2 kids (more than 1.35m and do not need baby seats type) from Turf Club road to her destination -> Aquarius by the park (Bedok North) at 7:54pm yesterday. The boys likes look 10 to 9 years old type with normal looks.

The youngest boy aboard the car first and started to say “This is a small car, mommy. Can we get a bigger one?” I am driving a Toyota Altis model, okay. The mother said something in the Indian language. I put on the professional smile as we are in the service industry and started to drove off. Less than 2 mins, the eldest boy unbelt his seat belt and started to jump inside the car. Then the younger one also started to follow suit. I stopped that car and kindly asked them to stop jumping and put on their safety belt during the journey. Their mother just kept talking on her mobile phone in the Indian language.

Both of them started screaming in the car at the top of their voice after that till their mother screamed back at them too. I tell myself this is one of the night, so endure lah.

5 mins to reach their destination, the eldest one started to jump in the car again. I asked the boy to sit properly in a polite way as it is distracting my concentration of driving. The eldest boy sat down and started to Fart. Then the youngest one also started to follow suit to Fart. The eldest one return suit to the youngest one and the youngest one returned another Fart again. So the Fart went on and on for almost 4 mins but the stupid mother kept talking on the mobile phone. I asked them to stop the farting sternly with a polite manner. So u can think of the next 4 to 5mins , the car was fitted with their fart that i had to open my drive windows to let the smell go out.

After reaching the destination, 3 of them alighted the car but the mother still talking on the phone (from the start of the journey to the end of the journey). Then the eldest one opened the car door suddenly when i wanted to drive off after closing the job on the Grab app. He replied tat he wanted to check if he left his mobile phone in the car. Then he closed the door after the check. after that he opened the door again that caused me to jam brake at once. He looked inside the car and shook his shoulders and closed the car door. In less than one second, he opened the door and let the car door wide open and he ran back towards his apartment laughing so loud. I came out of the car and close the door and looked at the mother whom was standing there all the while talking on her stupid mobile phone. The stupid mother look away and act that she did not see it.

The car was with that fart smell when i turn on the air-con to continue my driving. It was so bad that i had to turn off the air-con and stop the driving (and cancel one pending Grab Job) at the nearest petrol station to buy the air-fresher but it does not happen to clear smell. Then i realized there was pieces of shit (real human shit) on the seat where the eldest boy sat earlier. I suspect that the eldest boy threw the shit in the car without my knowledge, when he said that he want to check whether did he left anything behind in the car.

Till today, the damn smell is still there although i send it for cleaning yesterday night. I cannot drive today because of the shit smell.

To summarize the entire incident, i decided not to pick up Indian family with kids after this incident. I rather to be racist against Indians and let go my incentives rather than enduring such rubbish from these Indians in the future.

I reported to the case to Grab but they came back with a standard answer –> “I am sorry to hear that, sir but please do clean your car before picking up next passenger. Thank you for calling Grab.

Sounds legit? Maybe….

But what if it isn’t? What if it’s a made-up story by a fake account to incite racial hatred?

You see, it is very easy to incite hate these days.

All you need to do is to write some eyeball-worthy content and claim it to be a personal recount, and let it go viral.

Who cares if it’s not true? It’s online freedom of speech, yo! I just want to say what I want and don’t give a hoot about the consequences that comes after.

And if shit happens, just delete it lor. What’s big deal?

Well, the big deal is you don’t know how much of a big deal it can be – and that is exactly what is worrying. Because the “deal” here can be as big a deal as the May 1998 riots in Indonesia.

Now, do we really want to let these socially irresponsible degenerates who hide behind the shield of avatars on the Internet, destroy the social harmony Singapore has painstakingly nurtured over the past few decades?

Why should we let a few black sheep ruin it for the rest of us?


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